Do you feel over-extended and worn thin? Like you can’t put one more thing on your to-do list? Do you find yourself reaching for unhealthy ways of coping with your stress–distraction, overeating, drugs or alcohol, another damaging relationship? 

Sometimes staying busy can be an unhealthy way of coping in itself. If any of this sounds familiar, I want to help you find a sustainable rhythm, be less activated by those stressful feelings, and work toward goals that truly align with your values.

I currently have a 4 to 5 week waitlist for new adult clients for individual or couples counseling. Learn more about how to schedule an initial consultation (at no charge) to discuss working together. 

Sessions are being offered via Telehealth and in-person. 


I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with the latter being a Master’s of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor & Mental Health Service Provider (TN License # 3453) and a SYMBIS Assessment Certified Facilitator. 

My goal is to help you discover the path that is most suited for your future, while working to recover from issues of the past and embracing the richness that can be found in the present.

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I have collected local resources and more information about supplemental reading that I hope can be of a benefit for you. Below are some recent entries, click “Resources” to search or browse all of them. Check back often for updates.

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Questions about what it looks like to get started in counseling comes up often so I wanted to offer a brief explanation of how that…